Maine Fire Training & Education Advisory Committee

FF 1 Curriculum Implementation Committee

Implementation Recommendation

January 11. 2005

The purpose of the Implementation Committee meetings was to create an implementation plan for Jones & Bartlett FF1 and FF2 Curriculum to be presented to the December 15th Maine Fire Training & Education Advisory Committee.


The Implementation Committee’s initial meeting started with introductions, committee meeting guidelines, and a review of the purpose statement for the Committee. The Committee was charged with answering the question: "what do we need to do to fulfill our purpose?"

The Committee met with representatives from Jones & Bartlett, The National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications, The Pro Board, and Fire Services that were already working with the Jones & Bartlett curriculum.

In the course of the meetings, the Committee asked the question: "Is it the intent of this Committee to reorganize the curriculum or present it as published?

The Committee resolved to: "Keep the format/order of chapters, yet allow for flexibility of the chapters – and also, to identify chapters with pre-requisites.

Some of the resources the Committee used were: Proposed Administrative Guidelines for MFT&E sponsored Firefighter Training Programs, Fire Services Jones & Bartlett Curriculum that was already in use, and Matrices, designed by Committee members that included Chapter Prerequisites, Objectives, and a proposed Curriculum Plan.

On December 15, 2004, The Maine Advisory Curriculum Implementation Committee recommended that the MFTE Advisory Board establish two standing subcommittees; to monitor and review additional material as needed, and to develop administrative guidelines and recommended courses of action.

The Certification subcommittee should not focus on curriculum; rather focus on the expected outcome and the requirements to get there. The requirements should not be limited to new candidates, but should also include the requirements for past students to update. This includes: objectives, testing criteria, and documentation, as well as working to ensure that Pro Board Certification occurs.

The Curriculum subcommittee should focus on the materials to be sure that everything necessary to achieve the desired outcome is being presented. The Committee should review concerns through a predetermined process, render a decision, and if appropriate take action. This Committee should be the contact point for Jones & Bartlett on curriculum issues.

Representation on both subcommittees will be solicited from Maine Fire Chiefs, Professional Firefighters, Maine State Federation of Firefighters, Industry, and the Maine Community College. The membership should be diverse with respect to geographic distribution and skill level.



Implementation Plan

Pricing & Distribution

Fire Services will buy directly from Jones & Bartlett at 25% off list price. On orders over $600, shipping will be free. Orders will be shipped UPS to arrive within 3 days.

Maine Fire Training & Education will produce separate stand alone tests to meet NFPA standards

Active Fire Instructors, Certified Municipal Instructors (CMIs) and others will receive the Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills Library Package. This will include:

1. Text

2. Student Workbook

3. Instructor’s Toolkit CD-ROM

4. Instructor’s Printed Resource Manual

Maine Fire Service Course Matrix will be distributed to Fire Services of Maine, with the notation that the BLS column is "under revision."

Draft instructor guidelines are available for MFT&E upon request. They will include:

5. skills check sheets/competencies

6. set up forms

7. Progress charts


Instructor orientation sessions begin Feb – Mar, with materials distributed Jan – Feb.

Local training officers should be invited to attend orientation


Materials will include:

1. Introductory letter/description of program

2. Suggested course matrix

3. Suggested prerequisites

4. Jones & Bartlett pricing

5. Return card for a complimentary copy of Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills, available through Maine Fire Training & Education


Thank you for the opportunity to serve on this Committee.