Certified Chief Officers

The Maine Fire Chiefs’ Association has established a Chief Officer Certification program. This program is designed to enhance the professionalism of chief officers throughout the state; to promote excellence in the fire and emergency services; to acknowledge the achievements of those officers who have excelled in developing their personal knowledge, skills, and abilities; to encourage the need for continued education and professional development

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Certification List

NameCity/TownLevelM/Y Certified
Chief Michael ThurlowScarboroughMECFOIOct-12
Chief Marc VeilleuxSabattusMECFOIOct-12
Chief Duane BickfordFairfieldMECFOIMar-13
Chief Clarence KellerHopeMECFOIMar-13
Deputy Chief Stephen FoxSouth PortlandMECFOIIJul-13
Chief Kevin GuimondSouth PortlandMECFOIIJul-13
Chief Thomas HigginsBangorMECFOIIJul-13
Chief Jeff RoweSanfordMECFOIIJul-13
Deputy Chief James WilsonSouth PortlandMECFOIIJul-13
Chief Michael RobitailleYarmouthMECFOIIIJul-13
Chief Terry BellFarmingtonMECFOIMar-14
Chief David CoughlinTown of OaklandMECFOIIMar-14
Deputy Chief Timothy HardyTown of FarmingtonMECFOIJul-14
Deputy Chief Paul ConleyFreeportMECFOIIIOct-14
Chief Ken BrillantBrunswickMECFOIIIOct-14
Chief Chris CummingsArrowsicMECFOIIIOct-14
Chief Darren WoodsNorth Lake Fire & RescueMECFOIIOct-14
Chief Daniel SmallCumberlandMECFOIIIOct-14
Chief Scott SusiCaribouMECFOIMar-15
Chief Christopher BalentineYorkMECFOIIIMar-15
Asst Chief Stephen E “Jack” SprattCastineMECFOIIIMar-15
Deputy Chief David GroderAugustaMECFOIIJul-15
Chief David O’BrienKitteryMECFOIIIJul-15
Asst Chief Shawn EslerAlbionMECFOII16-Jun
Asst Chief Robert Gayton IIISabattusMECFOI16-Sep
Chief Scott SusiCaribouMECFOIIMar-17
Deputy Chief David GroderAugustaMECFOIIIJul-17
Chief Nathan SchoolsBuxtonMECFOIII18-Mar
Chief Stephen FayBridgtonMECFOII19-Feb
Chief William GillespieLibertyMECFOI19-Jul
Asst Chief Philip HammBangorMECFOIII19-Dec
Deputy Chief Eric PelletierBangorMECFOIII19-Dec
Chief Scott GagneBiddefordMECFOII19-Dec
Chief Steven BenottiSanfordMECFOII19-Dec
Deputy Chief Dave PendletonSacoMECFOII20-Jan
Chief John DurossSacoMECFOII20-Jan
Chief Michael ClarkeBIWMECFOIII20-Jan
Deputy Chief Ralph CammackBrewerMECFOI20-Jan
Deputy Chief Kevin DurossBiddefordMECFOII20-Jul
Chad BeanOrringtonMECFOI20-Aug
Asst Chief Chad StewartBiddefordMECFOI20-Nov
Chief Christopher WhytockRocklandMECFOII20-Dec
Chief Brent LibbyWindhamMECFOIII20-Dec
Chief Darrell WhitePresque IsleMECFOI20-Dec
Adelbert HumeRockwoodMECFOII22-Mar
Benjamin HarrisGoodwin’s MillsMECFOIII22-Mar
Chief Chris WhytockRocklandMECFOIIJun-22
Deputy Chief Shawn Cordwell OxfordMECFOIJun-22
Chief Chris McLaughlinTopshamMECFOIIIJun-22
Chief Matt BartlettBar HarborMECFOIJun-22