Legislative Bill Tracker

Throughout the legislative session, MFCA tracks bills of interest. Members can follow the status of these bills and see information including LD number, MFCA position, status, and committee.

Bill NumberDescriptionMCFA PositionStatusCommittee
LD 24An Act to Prohibit Certain Open Burning Under a Red Flag Warning and Regulate Recreational CampfiresSupport As AmendedSigned into Law
May 8, 2023
Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
LD 109An Act to Prohibit Certain Open Burning Under a Red Flag Warning and Regulate Recreational CampfiresSupportOTP-AMCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 159An Act to Facilitate the Construction of a Firehouse by Sinclair TownshipConcept Neither For Nor AgainstONTPAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
LD 172An Act to Allow Health Care Workers to Return to Work by Reinstating Exemptions from Immunization Requirements ONTPHealth & Human Services
LD 207An Act to Transfer Responsibility for Administering the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code from the Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal to the Department of Professional and Financial RegulationOpposed, Possible AmendmentOTP-AMCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 244Resolve, Directing Maine Emergency Medical Services to Convene a Stakeholder Group to Explore Emergency Medical Services Career Pathways and Educational Opportunities in the StateResolve 2023, c. 15Criminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 274An Act Regarding Municipal Costs for Water Used for FirefightingOpposedONTPHealth Coverage, Insurance & Financial Services
LD 278An Act to Require Health Plans to Cover an Annual Mental Health Wellness ExaminationOpposedONTPHealth Coverage, Insurance & Financial Services
LD 319An Act to Amend Maine’s Underground Oil Storage Tank LawsSupportEnactedEnvironment & Natural Resources
LD 324An Act to Prevent the Wrongful Firing of Maine WorkersNot Reported OutLabor & Housing
LD 326An Act to Improve Recruitment and Retention of First RespondersForNot Reported OutCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 362An Act to Clarify Coverage for Retired County and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Municipal Firefighters Under the State Employer Group Health PlanSupportSigned into Law
April 3, 2023
Health Coverage, Insurance & Financial Services
LD 439An Act to Allow Death by Suicide to Be Considered a Death While in the Line of DutyFor, Recommended alignment with Federal StandardsOTP-AMCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 444An Act to Designate First Responders and Other Public Safety Professionals as a Special Risk Population for the Purposes of Improving Insurance Coverage for the Effects of TraumaForNot Reported OutHealth Coverage, Insurance & Financial Services
LD 474An Act to Improve Collaboration Between Mandatory Reporters and Law Enforcement in the Investigation of Alleged Child Abuse and NeglectNot Reported OutHealth & Human Services
LD 477Resolve, Directing the Department of Education, Maine School Safety Center to Convene a Stakeholder Group to Develop Best Practices for Lockdown Drills and Active Shooter Drills and Allowing Parents to Opt Out of Active Shooter Drills for Their ChildrenMember on CommitteeDivided ReportEducation & Cultural Affairs
LD 492An Act to Repurpose Vacant Shopping Mall and Retail Space to Mixed-use Housing and RetailPublic Hearing
5/12/23 0900
LD 516An Act to Reduce Cancer Among Firefighters by Providing Grants for Safety EquipmentForOTACriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 526An Act to Provide Funding to Emergency Medical Services OrganizationsFor, Request amending to include a process and be restricted to Fire Based or Non-Profit AgenciesWork Session
5/24/23 1000
Criminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 530An Act to Facilitate the Installation of Safe Haven Baby Boxes at Hospitals, Law Enforcement Facilities and Fire DepartmentsAgainstDivided ReportJudiciary
LD 588An Act to Promote Public Safety and Retain Essential First Responders by Funding the Maine Length of Service Award ProgramForOTPCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 601An Act to Reduce the Shortage of Municipal Emergency Medical Services Personnel by Removing Certain Vaccination RequirementsNot Reported OutHealth Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services
LD 634An Act to Allow Open Burning in the Snow Without a PermitAgainstONTPAgriculture, Conservation & Forestry
LD 647An Act to Amend the Life Safety Code Regarding When Sprinkler Systems May Be Shut OffForONTPCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 648An Act to Address Staffing Shortages in Critical Public Safety Jobs Through Economic IncentivesONTPInnovation, Development, Economic Advancement & Business
LD 727An Act Regarding Workers’ Compensation Benefits for First Responders Injured in the Line of DutyONTPLabor & Housing
LD 882An Act to Allow Nonmunicipal Emergency Medical Services Providers to Be Considered State Employees for Purposes of Certain BenefitsOTP-AMLabor & Housing
LD 883An Act to Exempt Emergency Medical Services Community Paramedicine Programs from Home Health Care Provider Licensing RequirementsOTP-AMHealth & Human Services
LD 913An Act to Support First RespondersConcept BillWork Session
5/15/23 Tabled
Criminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 919An Act to Facilitate Employment in the Field of Emergency Medical ServicesConcept BillOTP As AmendedCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 981An Act to Require All Emergency Medical Services Persons to Be Trained to Administer and Dispense Naloxone HydrochlorideONTP Current Law will be in place 12/23Criminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 1044An Act Directing the Commissioner of Health and Human Services and the Commissioner of Corrections to Develop Alternative Responses to Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Emergency CallsWithdrawnHealth & Human Services
LD 1060An Act to Support Municipal Public Safety by Increasing State-Municipal Revenue Sharing to 7 PercentDivided ReportTaxation
LD 1119An Act to Clarify the Criminal Statutes with Regard to Assaults on Emergency Medical Services PersonsOTP As AmendedCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 1142An Act to Eliminate Motor Vehicle Registration Fees for Volunteer Firefighters and Volunteer Emergency Medical Services ProvidersONTPTransportation
LD 1268An Act to Provide for a Local Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Exemption for Qualifying Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services PersonsDid not support in 130thONTPTaxation
LD 1280An Act to Invest in Maine’s Fire Service Training FacilitiesForOTPCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 1296An Act to Authorize Municipalities to Allow Firefighters to Have Increased Lighting on Their Personal VehiclesOpposedOTP As AmendedTransportation
LD 1322An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Remote ParticipationOTP As AmendedJudiciary
LD 1409An Act to Require Reimbursement When a Municipality Hires First Responders Whose Training Costs Were Incurred by Another MunicipalityTabledState & Local Government
LD 1515An Act to Fund Delivery of Emergency Medical ServicesTabledCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 1602An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Stakeholder Group Convened by the Emergency Medical Services’ Board on Financial Health of Ambulance ServicesOTP As AmendedHealth Coverage, Insurance & Financial Services
LD 1701Resolve, to Reestablish and Continue the Work of the Blue Ribbon Commission to Study Emergency Medical Services in the StateOTP As AmendedCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 1742An Act to Enhance the Use of Critical Incident Stress Management Teams and to Require Peer Team SupportWork Session
5/22/23 1000
Criminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 1751An Act to Maximize Federal Funding in Support of Emergency Medical ServicesTabledHealth & Human Services
LD 1802An Act to Add Certain Volunteer Firefighters to the Definition of “Volunteer Firefighter”ForOTP As AmendedCriminal Justice & Public Safety
LD 1857An Act to Create the Public Safety Health and Wellness Reimbursement Fund to Benefit Public Safety Workers and VolunteersForWork Session
5/23/23 1300
LD 1859An Act to Reimburse Training Costs for Emergency Medical and Public Safety DispatchersWork Session
5/22/23 1000
Energy, Utilities & Technology